Like so many of those with an affinity toward the mineral kingdom, Lyn loved collecting rocks as a child. She had many pet rocks affectionately housed in a sacred shoe box tucked safely under her bed long before Pet Rocks were in vogue during the 1950’s. She loved the different characteristics of the stones and collected them everywhere she went, each stone had special significance.

Lyn discovered and has researched the amazing energetic spiritual healing qualities of Arkansas quartz crystals and crystal gemstones for over twenty-five years. She led many mining expeditions for quartz crystals and conducted healing retreats into the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas for over 12 years. As a result, she was deeply immersed in the loving presence of these ancient teachers and now shares the wisdom and primal healing properties found in these amazing healing tools through Crystal Healing Seminars.

In addition, Lyn is a Holistic RN with over 35 years of experience in Complimentary/Alternative Medical care. Other areas of certified practice include, Yoga Instructor, Energy Healing/Theraputic Touch, Massage Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and a BS Degree in Natural Health.

The Holistic focus in her healing facilitation, sometimes called integrative, or mind-body healing is revolutionizing modern health care. It recognizes the profound interconnection of the mind and body, each individual’s innate healing capacities and the role of self-responsibility in the healing process.

Lyn also practices a vegetarian lifestyle, enjoys organic gardening, nature hikes, and enjoys ballroom dancing with her husband, Kevin. Cooking and creating recipes for healthy vegan, gluten- free meals are a passion she loves to share with others who have food sensitivities.

Bob Bens
My mission is to bring awareness of an expanded universe to those seeking knowledge and sensitivity of that universe.,,,, Missionary work takes several forms including teaching, lecturing, healing and demonstration of Spirit’s presence.,,,

  • Developed mediumship abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsensous, at an early age.
  • Instrumental in starting three Spiritualist churches.
  • Resident of a Spiritualist community for several years.
  • Wrote book GOD IS NOT A STRANGER,,,, a metaphysical primer.
  • Travels throughout US presenting classes and workshops. Subject matter includes: mediumship development, metaphysical healing, spirit guide development, astral travel, and meditation, life after life, spiritual growth, and physical phenomenon development.
  • Private readings using intuitive means, being sensitive to the client’s aura, spirit guides and contacting those who have made the transition to the next expression of life.
  • Share with the client information concerning past, present, and future events along with messages from spirit.
  • Metaphysical healing by channeling cosmic energy.

Lori uses the Gilded Tarot and Spirit Animal Oracle decks to provide personal readings by combining your totems with information sent through your energy and received from your guardian spirits, angels, and ancestors through the cards. She is also able to sense and remove residual negative energies left from traumatic or painful past events. Much Love and Joy to you.

Dr. Marsha Walters
Marsha Walters is a spiritual scientist and ordained minister. She has a Master’s in Physics and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Marsha is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon, and practitioner of Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, Reiki, and Foot Reflexology. Additionally, she has been a student of metaphysics and energy healing for 25 years. Her mission is to assist people to live lives that are balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Marsha offers private and group sessions.

You can find out more at

Sarah Henning
Sarah Henning has studied, deeply explored, and practiced Native American Spiritualism and complimentary (alternative) health, healing and nutrition for over 20 years.

She is a certified Matter of Balance and Healthy Living Coach; both programs created and approved by Stanford University. She has also completed Levels 1 and 2 in Healing Touch, is a certified Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver.

Sarah believes that animals are a huge part of our everyday learning experience and when we pay attention to their messages it can be very helpful in seeing patterns and behaviors that will enlighten us on our journey. Carrying a small notebook and making notations about our encounters and what is going on with us at the time, is highly recommended.

I gained access to this world December 16, 1973 in Durham, North Carolina to the Most Extraordinary Soul to have ever graced the earth, Yvonne DeCarlos McGrady. My first interaction with Spirit came at the age of 7 and still leaves a lasting impression to this day as it was a sign of things to come. The Mystery of my Ancestry has been traced back to Croatan Indians which later was confirmed as Lumbee and my Great-Great-Great Grandmother was a Medicine woman who was revered for her Healing Hands. I have been Hyper Sensitive my whole life, an Empath and have always had really strong premonitions about events to come.

I live a very, very hectic life as a Father/Husband to six kids and Grandfather to one as we await the newest arrival. My oldest is Kayla (age 20), first set of twins Kyndel and Chanse (age13), second set of twins Isabelle and Mandrill Jr. (age 8), and last but not least Arianna (age7). With that being said I’ve also had the pleasure of serving our country in the United States Navy as a Corpsman and later coming home on an Honorable Discharge.

Through the wonderful Healing work of Reiki I’ve been blessed to have Diagnosed, Counseled and hopefully improved those individuals lives I’ve come in contact with for the better. It was from this very work that certain abilities became Predominate and steered me to my “True Path” which is Shamanism, Native American Studies and Teaching. Through my work inside of “The Medicine Wheel” and my connection with my ancestors I’m able to provide others with information and Healing skills to further their Life journeys.

I humbly accept this gift fully knowing that without Spirit I could not possibly Heal those of Afflictions, Ailments and provide those in need the medicine within the message.

Michael Gyurica
Michael will be offering Soma Pi sessions in the Nubian pyramid (or just a little alone time in the pyramid), chakra balancing, energy balancing & clearing (with or without Solfeggio tuning forks), shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, pain relief and accelerated recovery from injury or surgery. 

Soma Pi means “complete physical body encircled,” and is an amazing process for living in better health. Used with great success for over 15 years by practitioners all over the country, Soma Pi is both a preventative force and healing force. 

Soma Pi is a completely-unique energy healing method that facilitates profound changes in health. Children and animals especially love Soma Pi healing, and receive the benefits of a treatment almost immediately. Soma Pi works quickly and can be administered on self as well as others to facilitate profound changes in health. Soma Pi is so easy to administer, usually no more than 5 to 15-minutes.

Medicine Card Readings
Or, you can connect with your guides & totems through a Medicine Card reading and then receive messages from them as you are led on a journey.

Kimberly is a Ho’omana Master (Hawaiian Shamanism), Huna Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner, Life Coach, Eclectic Witch, and Ordained Interfaith Minister. She loves helping others, whether it is through energy healing, teaching, coaching, or simply helping people find their way through this thing called life. When working with her for healing, you can choose Reiki or Huna (a Hawaiian healing modality), or let Kimberly use her own fusion of multiple modalities and intuition.

Xavier is a Reiki Practitioner, and is actively involved in his high school. He is son to DeeDee and Victoria, a lovable brother and loves to live life to the fullest.

Living life joyfully is not just tag line for Facebook but an authentic mission for every moment for Helenka Eastman. Hoping to share that with others, she offers people Vibrational vitality and rejuvenation of body, mind and Spirit through the use of Arcturian Star Light Reiki, Symbols, Sound, Intuitive Poetry, Flower Essences and Art.

Marion Ingram
Marion is a 4th generation English reader following in the footsteps of her grandmother Mary and great aunt Hilda who served the people of Ashton-Under-Lynne in Lancashire, England for close to a century.

In addition to astrology readings, Marion is a published author, musician, poet, workshop leader, jewelry designer (Faerie Folk Finery), astrological radio personality and an ordained LEWA minister.

Using a combination of astrology, runes, numerology, norther magic and Celtic shamanism, Marion invites you to stop for a chat and join her in a cup of tea.


We specialize in Therapeutic Massage, Manual Lymphatic, Drainage, Geriatric Massage, Quantum Touch energy healing, Reiki sessions and classes, Integrative Reflexology and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (specializing in Regression Therapy).  We also specialize in therapeutic-grade essential oils and use these during each of our sessions.

We will be offering; Chakra clearing and Cranial/Sacral therapy infused with Quantum-Touch, or Chakra clearing and compressions and pulls and QT If needed.

Natural Healing and Massage
1320 Hamilton Place, Suite 105
High Point, NC 27262

Theresa Yawn
I am an ordained minister of Earthstar Spiritual Center, as well as a Reiki/Huna Master. I have studied other healing modalities at Earthstar, such as Reflexology, Sound Healing, and Crystals & Stones. I am the owner of Energy Images Aura Photography. Along with my husband, Kenneth, we offer clients photos that validate the reality of the human energy system by showing the state of each individual’s aura & chakras. A printed analysis report is included.

Chris Martin is a Reiki Master and Quantum Touch practitioner. He has been doing energy work and energy healing for over 8 years. Getting into martial arts in college is what sparked his interest in metaphysics and energy healing. He has been practicing martial arts for 10 years. He is a black belt in Tae kwon do and has practiced various others styles such as Hapkido, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi which have all helped him to build a stronger connection with the life force energy in and around him. Other methods he uses to get in touch with himself include meditation, running, drawing, and painting. Working with Reiki and Quantum Touch among other things has helped him learn how to better manage his energy, become more in touch with himself, and become better at balancing and expressing his emotions. He loves doing healing work because it is a great way of giving back and practicing allowing and receiving love.

Nathaniel has been called towards metaphysical, spiritual and occult studies his whole life. From an elementary school enthusiasm for Greek mythology, to an adolescent interest in archetypes and psychology, to a modern day exploration of Qabalah and astrology, his studies have continued to overlap, compound, expand and evolve. As a result, Nathaniel has cultivated an intimate relationship with symbols and themes these systems embody, creating an “intuitive database” from which guidance can be derived. Currently, Nathaniel enjoys sharing the fruits of his learning by teaching metaphysical classes, interpreting astrology charts and intuitively coaching/counseling others. Nathaniel will provide 15 minute sessions in the form of either intuitive, archetype-based card reading or an “astro snapshot” using a client’s birth information – date, time and place of birth. If the time is unknown, while the information that would be “available” would be slightly amended, this option can still be made available to provide meaningful insight.) Clients who would prefer the “astro snapshot” are encouraged to provide their birth information before the reading as possible (to save time), although Nathaniel can create a chart “on the fly” if absolutely necessary. Clients that would like a full consultation session (2 hours) at a later date will be encouraged to sign-up for those as desired.


Michael Ingram
Michael’s heritage comes from both Native Americans and Scotland. His mother’s legacy includes both Choctaw and Cherokee ancestry from the great state of Texas.

Through his father Michael is descended from Clan Colquhoun, whose ancestral lands in Scotland include Loch Lomond. E is a member in good standing of Clan Colquhoun International. Michael reads both Native American style medicine cards and Viking Rune cards. He is an energy worker and healer with Reiki II certification. In addition, Michael is an ordained minister with LEWA, and a workshop leader.

Ruthie Young
Connected to energy of positive vibes. Soon to retire… I live in a 100+ year old tenant farmer’s house with Randall Cothran and our one dog, Lucy on the farm my Mother was raised on. I love being in the country. I have been tuned into people’s feelings all my life. In the last 10 years or so I have developed my gifts to a higher perspective. My interests are many including painting, gardening, music, flatfooting, quilting, fishing and photography to name the most important ones… in other words I love life and live it to the fullest. Being a Spiritualist and interested in Metaphysics I studied mediumship from Bob Bens and I am presently one of his teachers of mediumship. Studied under Raymon Grace on dousing and what it offers and studied Crystals under Marie Anderson Whitehurst. I am very attuned to Nature and all it holds. I am an ordained minister through L.E.W.A. An intuitive and message giver. Reiki Master/Teacher and healer. I do everything with positive intention and from my heart. My readings are from Spirit and sometimes us a Pendulum or cards for confirmation.

dee dee
Diana Cortinas is an ordained minister through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Motivational Life Coach, Medium, Reiki Master / Teacher and Spiritual Counselor. She was born in Walla Walla, Washington and has traveled world wide teaching Reiki, physic development classes and medium ship. She has practiced Reiki healing and Intuitive counseling for years.

Her psychic abilities began as a child after having a near death experience through drowning at the age of four. Her grandmother was a Mexican “Curandera” and told her she would one day practice healing energies as well. Although, she tried to disprove her grandmother’s prediction, she eventually realized that living through Spirit means following the call to service. She has been the facilitator and creator of a reiki circle in Yuma, Arizona and has taught many people how to use Reiki to improve their lives. She believes anyone can learn Reiki and that we all have the ability to change our lives.

Readings are $35 for 20 minutes, $55 for 30 minutes and $100 for 60 minutes. Advance reservations are requested. Call Ohana Arts & Wellness Center to reserve your spot or email to